Cummins rocker arm repair

cummins rocker arm repair

Here is a pitcher of a worn Cummins 12 valve rocker arm.

finshed cummins rocker arm
Here’s the same Cummins rocker arm that has been polished with a wiser wheel
wizer wheel
1st start with a two-inch red wiser wheel 2nd blue wiser wheel 3rd use a worn blue wiser wheel to polish the rocker arm. Make sure you follow the radius of the rocker arm

Here’ a little video for you to watch
Use red emery cloth on the end of a drill to clean and smooth rocker pivots all you need to do is smooth them out this doesn’t take long. Be gentle
file the hight spots
Gentle file the high spots on the pivot take your time
cleaning pivot
clean the oil grove with a awe very well and clean the hole rocker pedestal with break clean and blow out good with air
Assemble and lubricat your ready to install on your Cummins